Our Vision: An Inclusive Daycare For All

Imagine a place where children of all ability levels have the opportunity to achieve their greatest potential under the guidance of a compassionately trained care provider. A space where naptime, playtime and learning time caters not only to typically developing children, but provides specialized care to special needs children.

High Hopes Child Care Center is that place.

By remaining inclusive, all children benefit. Special needs children have the opportunity to interact with peer role models and children of typical development enhance their understanding of and are more empathetic toward their special needs peers.

In addition to offering standard child care services, we have a number of other services available to our families that make High Hopes Child Care unique. These services include employing medically trained staff to oversee medical care administered throughout the facility, partnering with various physical, occupational, speech and  ABA therapists who have access to provide services in our center and coordinating with the local school district to allow for the provision of therapy and Early Intervention Services within our facility.

Our service provider partners include:


Key Complete Therapies

Autism Learning Collaborative


High Hopes Child Care Center is located at:

1400 Harvell Dr. 
Bellevue, NE 68005